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Facility Asset Management at its best !

  1. MOBILE FRIENDLY - Asset Trak includes fully integrated Microsoft Windows Tablet as well as Smartphone based mobile applications 
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - Asset Trak uses a smart open-concept design providing a single view showing multiple levels of data
  3. IoT & RFID READY - Asset Trak supports 1D/2D/QRCode/NFC and RFID asset tags.  Asset Trak includes an optional environmental monitoring feature that automates email messages from captured environmental events such as water leaks and temperature changes



Asset Trak provides an easy-to-use way to setup accounts which are managed by the subscribing customers' administrator level users.  It includes many features and levels of access:  new user accounts, user roles (administrator, viewer, web-user, security), edit/modify/save, mobile options for tablets and smartphones, etc.



Managing assets has never been easier with the dynamic capabilities of Asset Trak.  Its powerful web and mobile applications provide complete access and control over creating, updating and maintaining asset records anywhere and anytime.  Features include:  asset management with photos and 50 end-user defined fields, asset locations, creation of assets (moving, updating ,copying, saving), contact records linked to specific assets, documented issues related to the asset, unlimited email reminders about events related to an asset, ability to upload and access documents related to the asset, features for defining the estimated maintenance budget and actual expenses of an asset, etc.



Contacts are managed by the subscribing customers' administrator and web-user level users.  Only administrators and web-user level account users may create/update the contact records.  Contact records are not users of the application but are known entities that relate to assets.  Individuals who sell, repair, or insure your assets may be directly connected to specific assets for reference needs.



The dashboard is an essential feature for call-centre personnel.  The dashboard provides a quick understanding of current issues and events taking place related to assets.  Easily create/update issues and dispatch issues as job assignments.  You can alter the number of lists displayed in your dashboard by clicking on the check boxes along the top of the form.  Examples are: open issues listing, to be assigned listing, assigned listing, overdue issues listing, completed issues, email reminders, events and inspections scheduled for the current day, etc.  Other options include:  creating and assigning an issue, issue reports and p.o.'s in PDF format, issue escalation, issue log, etc. 


asset trak

Inspections are at the very heart of the Asset Trak solution.  Inspections may be created using any of the Asset Trak mobile inspection applications for rugged handheld, smartphone and tablets.  Asset Trak offers three distinct types of inspections: single-point, multi-point and security patrol inspections.  Options include:  creating inspections, scheduling inspections, inspections reporting, etc.  



Use the INVENTORY form to review current quantity levels and place orders.  Some of the assets must be set as STOCK before they are visible in this form.  When an asset is set to STOCK it is considered an inventoried asset.  Options include: search by group/category, add to order, view/print order in PDF format, etc.



The Purchase Order tab is very easy to use.  The purchase order form supports 2 separate purchase order numbers. One is automatically generated by Asset Trak, the other is an optional number which is entered when needed and allows for the linking of an Asset Trak generated purchase order to a purchase order generated with another accounting system.  Options include:  search, edit, update, save, delete, add new items, add notes, print/deliever/email purchase orders in PDF format, etc.



What makes Asset Trak so powerful is the vast number of end-user configurable options available.  The My Profile form provides the features needed to manage each of these important options tables used througout the application.  Note that only administrator level users will be able to see/select the My Profile tab, it is hidden to all other user levels.  Settings include:  business details form, end-user configurable options, locations setup, asset groups and categories, document categories, inspection points, escalation management, etc.



Generating reports is easy with powerful filter options to drill down into the information you need.  
Export report data in a number of different formats directly onto your PC with the click of a button.  


asset trak

The security patrol features included with Asset Trak provide the tools needed to manage and monitor assets both day and night.  Using the Asset Trak rugged handheld solution for security patrols offers far greater flexibility when it comes to capturing and reporting events and issues.  As the patrol is performed, each point captured along the patrol route is uploaded real-time using WiFi or cellular internet connectivity.  The patrol may be performed without the need for connectivity allowing for the upload of patrol data at a later time.  Options include:  sequence of patrol setup, review of security patrol reports, saving/printing/emailing security patrol reports in PDF format, etc.



1.   Asset Receiving, Shipping with real-time asset transfer status updates
2.  Support for barcodes including 1D, 2D, NFC, QRCode, RFID tags
3.  Cross-Docking and Field Transfers using off-line batch or internet connected web services
4.  Picking by Order or Pick Routes 
5.  Inventory Cycle Counts & Transfer Management
6.  Inventory Quality Control, Grading and Condition Management
7.  Integrated Mobile Applications for Android and Microsoft hand held devices and tablets
8. Optional IoT Features for monitoring asset heat, light, temperature, moisture, humidity, vibration & electricity


Int Mobility

Asset Trak subscriptions include integrated mobility solutions for Microsoft Windows Tablets and Smart Phone devices. Create assets, update asset profiles, take photos, and perform multi-point inspections. 


Import / Export

Quickly import asset records and export audited records using SAP formats

Mobile Friendly

Designed specifically for Android OS based rugged mobile devices & barcode scanners

Works Everywhere

Local database allows remote location auditing without the need for connectivity

Asset Trak


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